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the evolution of a boy


From very early in my journey of self discovery, I knew restraints and bondage were most definitely going to be a part of who I was, and how I grew in this lifestyle.  Restricting body movement started out as a fetish when I'd splint my leg, ankle, arm, or wrist - the lack of flexibility was something foreign at the time and I longed for more. The first ever instance where I can fully recall the feeling of being almost restrained was my secretly tying a rope under my bed just long enough to spread my legs and loop the rope around my ankles, securing them there and another to loop around my left wrist. I could still escape in a hurry if I had to, but for all intents and purposes, it worked for me; then.  I was almost caught on a few occasions doing this...
Now my toy box contains a few different styles of bondage cuffs: basic leather, medical leather, padded suspension cuffs and my favorite heavy duty ankle binders. Unofficially dubbed restraints, I consider my gravity inversion boots restraints now as that seems to be their primary function these days. Also included in this page are a few play sessions where I have experienced some exceptionally rare and wonderful opportunities of bondage and being restrained.


A floating square ring is inserted into one of the slots and secured with a strap with these basic wrap-around cuffs. Though they resemble medical-style restraints, these aren't one of the nicer sets of cuffs out there but they'll work for beginners.


As promised, my Gravity Inversion Boots are now included as I think these were acquired not too long after the basic leather cuffs. Quick and easy to get into, there boots have a hard plastic shell, fiber-reinforced hook, 3/4" thick closed-cell neoprene padding and two ratchet straps to hold them in place. The hook is the perfect securing point as whatever is pulled through has to go the wrong way to get loose. Sadly, though, this is another of my toys that has sat idle for some time and could use some playtime.


In 1999, Mr. S. Leather in San Francisco introduced a cervical posture collar very medical in style - actually, it's a Philadelphia Cervical collar that's been lightly padded, covered in leather, had polished aluminum braces added to front and back and locking straps the whole way around. The two halves first velcro in place, the chin resting in a cup, then secured with the lockable straps. It's one of my favorite bondage appliances as it completely immobilizes the head and neck.


Behind all the text and images, you'll make out what appear to be two leather cylinders covered in hardware. Nothing but the best went into these ankle binders. The smart craftsman joined them together first through the tough, thick leather shell before finishing them with the padding and soft leather lining. Two tapered cuffs, thickly padded, double straps with locking posts, roller buckles to ensure a snug fit and then joined together. The tapered cut wraps perfectly around the shape of the ankle, the thick padding covered in soft leather doesn't pinch or chafe, and once locked on, they are completely inescapable. *sigh...Well done, J Bear! Thank you!!


As I adapt and evolve, so too does the gear. What browser of the Mr. S. catalog DOESN'T always stop on the restraints page that proudly demonstrates the Fetters Padded Wrist and ankle cuffs! Sharing here are a few pix of the cuffs and a few more of them being used in various play sessions...


--=The Boy Board=--


Thanks to my very dear friend "Sprocketpup", a doodle on a napkin at a coffee shop has been engineered into the realization of a wet-dream fantasy. With inspiration from others around the bondage world, parts from BDGSales, and a couple of weekends in Sprocket's garage, I am instantly turned on and horned up every time I caress its cool, smooth and padded surface. Yes, this is the official debut of The Boyboard!

Design & Construction


So, yeah. It started long before the BDGSales Lacing Board was discovered. Many years ago, I was planning on how to construct for myself a board that would be completely immobilizing to the person on it, be portable enough to fit into my car and still be reasonably light-weight. (I don't have any of the prototype designs hanging about else I'd include them.) It also had to be large enough to accommodate the bulkiest of my gear passions: football shoulder pads. Pine 2x4's, 2" wood screws, 1.5" high-density neoprene open-cell foam, vinyl covering (more durable and far less costly than leather), a considerable length of correctly-sized rope, and special hooks make up the final custom-built project. I have the final tally from all the receipts, but that'll be my little secret; though the most expensive component: the hooks - are available at BDGSales.

My First Ride


For the maiden voyage on the freshly completed Boy Board, one would've expected me to be in full football uniform - considering the layout was designed for it... I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to get inside a set of race leathers so there it is then. My first Ride was in a Dainese T-Age one-piece race suit complete with Sidi Vertebra boots and ICON TiMax gloves. The helmet is my 661 Launch MX helmet as neither my good friend 'sofjk' nor I have a street lid that matches the rest of the gear...

Further Boy-Board Adventures    

'sofjk' and his partner 'mncx888' are great friends of mine and I try offer to be as naughty as I can whenever they come to visit. This gallery is for 'sofjk'. You look almost as cute as Sid in that gear!

'mncx888' (aka 'Ratchet') doesn't seem to experience a lot of 'bottom time', so this visit, I made totally sure HE would be enjoying all the sensations and attention before anyone else! Don't worry though as this visit has more than one chapter...

Its a well-known fact between us friends that 'sofjk' likes his SWAT gear. I also learned recently that he also likes electro. Not being one to pass up the opportunity to zap a guinea pig senseless, this is also a treat for me to see, on the Boy Board;  how a totally immobilized person reacts to electrostim... Wicked fun this was! >=]

Since migrating from a 30minute drive to a 5 HOUR trip, I very seldom get to enjoy the company of this dear and wonderful chum: 'Waraulion'. Thoroughly naughty and totally twitterpated by gear, neither of us can pass up the chance at a new and exciting situation. This shoot on 09-May-09 marks the debut of my new-to-me pair of Scott GENIUS motocross boots! They look great on Waraulion with his Dainese T-Age suit, dontchya think?!